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Woodworking Links

Looking out into the world of woodwork, it's refreshing to see so many people putting so much time into 'spreading the word'.  Most are doing it as a recreational activity and making a real personal commitment to contribute to the on-line world - and in particular to the enjoyment of woodworking across the world.  I've listed below, a few of the sites which I have visited and which have impressed me.  There are many more, I'm sure, and I'd be pleased to consider listing any if their 'webmasters' would care to drop me an e-mail with the relevant details.  Of course, a little reciprocity is always appreciated!

As this feature has grown, it is now split into sections to try to simplify navigation, though you should bear in mind that woodworkers are versatile people and although only listed in one section may be active in some other role too!  For now, the groupings are:-

Please note that these links open in a new window so that you don't have to keep navigating back to this page to find the next link.  Simply close the window where the visited site appears and this one should still be open underneath.

Craft-Workers Sites

This is where the work is really happening.  Take a trip to some of these sites and see what skilled hands and dedication can achieve.  Be inspired ......

  • Old Dave's Woodshop is a site built around the interests of amateur woodworkers to help them connect to resources and information about woodworking. It includes many links to
    resources to help woodworking enthusiasts to advance in their hobby or trade.
  • Dean Mosey, based in Flushing, Michigan, builds a wide range of furniture and related projects in traditional style, which are available for sale though his site.  A site worth a visit and quite an inspiration for other budding furniture-makers as well as those who might be incuned to save their time and effort by buying from Dean at his very reasonable prices.
  • One of the most-admired of the current crop of UK turners is Phil Irons.  (Yes, I know that he was born in Australia, but he lives here now!)  When I ran into Phil again at Art in Action, he advised me that he now had a website, which I reckon is well worth a visit.  Then you'll be inspired to do what his work inspires me to do - I bought a piece!
  • Another site which I only recently discovered but which has an interesting array of work on display is Dave Peebles' site, which has a URL which is a bit of a giveaway as to where Dave's interest lie: www.bowlturner.com.
  • Most woodworking, end especially woodturning ethusiasts will be familair with the name of Stuart King, author, historian, bodger and man-of-many-talents: the Renaissance Man of the woodworking world".  His site covers all of these topics and more.
  • Up in Seattle, Washington (USA) a group of woodworkers have joined to gether to present their work at NW Fine Woodworking.  Take a look - they are also seeking artists to join their group.
  • A recent issue of the UK magazine, "Woodturning", featured the intriguing works of Crete-based woodturner Nikos Siragas.  Now we can all share in his work by taking a look at his new website.
  • As any carver will know, one of the most accomplished professional carvers working today is Ian Norbury.  Not only has he written some of the best books on the subject, but with his wife, Betty Norbury, he also runs the White Knight Gallery.  Their Celebration of Craftsmanship website shows off Ian's work and the work of the gallery most excellently.
  • It isn't mandatory, I'm sure for good turners to be christened "Ian" but looking at Ian Norbury's site and then those of Ian Brennan, one could be forgiven for thinking so.  Take a peek at Ian Brennan's personal site and his Heraldic Carving site.
  • Another carver, but this time specialising in the ancient Welsh craft of love-spoon carving, is Adam King.  An extensive range of Adam's superb work is on display on the site.
  • It cannot be denied that most turners put a lot of effort into their work,  intellectually, spiritually and physically.  However, there can be few who expend the physical effort that Robin Wood puts in to driving his traditional pole lathe.  What makes Robin's efforts rather special though is that he is a pole lathe bowl turner who produces a wide range of treen for the table through his efforts.  A respected authority on the subject of traditional methods of turning treen, Robin travels to conduct site research, lectures and demonstrates around the world.  You can gain an insight into this very special world through his most fascinating website, which also lists the venues where you can see him demonstrating his craft.
  • Across in La Belle France, deep in the heart of the Bourgogne area, Gilbert Buffard runs woodturning courses with instruction in both French and English.  His website though also lists accomodation and gives an insight into the gastronomic delights of the local food specialities.
  • Although I found the site itself a little slow and not the easiest to navigate, there's whole bunch of good work on show at Beyond Wood.
  • For something rather different, I suggest a visit to Max Krimmel's site where he tells you everything you need to know about - and shows lots of beautiful work in - turned alabaster!
  • Way up in Norway a meticulous and brilliant carver, Fritz Rendall, is hard at work maintaining the traditions of his forbears. You can see his stunning work at http//home.c2i.net/frendall
  • For a collection of beautiful furniture made by one man, then I suggest that you visit the site of John Hein in the US.  There's some wonderful stuff on display there.
  • Rudiger Marquarding is based in Wustrow, North Germany.  His site has text in English and German
  • If you are interested in traditional American furniture from the era of the first settlers, then take a look at the Heart of the Wood site which has a wide range of reproductions on display.

Associations & Clubs for Woodworkers & Turners

Woodworking "Destinations"

  • The range of pastimes enoyed by people who enjoy working with wood, or simply appreciating the objects that can be made from it, are frequently lovers of a range of countryside pursuits.  If that includes you, why not take a trip into the countryside.
  • Do you know any woodworkers who aren't "tool collectors"?  No, there can't be many.  So the Museum of Woodworking Tools of New York is sure to be a place to visit - without ever needing to leave the armchair.

Commercial Sites

Here you'll find companies and individuals who have something to sell.  It may be handmade items, tools or plans but you can be sure that you'll be dealing with people for whom a love and knowledge of wood is a common bond.  Also checkout the personal sites, above.

  • For tools, accessories, overalls, respirators, polishes and a whole lot more for woodturners and woodworkers you need look no further than our very own woodturner's shop on the net, The ToolPost, always open to serve your needs, world-wide.
  • If you fancy your chances in an on-line auction then a visit to Woodworkers Auction might tbe the thing for you.  Buying or selling is easy and all the required info is on the site.
  • If chip-crving is your thing, then you should be aware of Chipping Away a great resource for all practitioners of this carving tradition.  The same people also look after the need os sculptural carvers through their sister site The Woodcarving Store.
  • Although there are many router jigs for producing dovetails on the market, Keller Dovetail Systems have been at it for far longer than most manufacturers. Their excellent website shows their product range, examples of work produced and product reviews.
  • Aberdeenshire hardwoods are timber suppliers up in Scotland where slow-grown hardwoods should be in abundance!
  • There are times when finding the right type of abrasive material for a job can seem an impossible task.  Help is at hand with the amazing range of abrasive products offered by UK company, Permagrit on their website.  And they're nice friendly people too!
  • If what you're looking for are wooden products then Swingler Brothers have a wide range of items which may well appeal whether you're looking for boxes or humidors, artist's boxes and easels, kitchen furniture, beds, gun cleaning and hunting accessories or even experimental apparatus for schools, then this versatile group of craftsmen can provide.  With on-line shopping too, they make owning wood pleasurable and easy.
  • The Arbortech Woodcarver tools must rank among those tools that, once you own one, you can never work out how you managed without.  That's the way I feel about mine.  If you're into heavy-duty carving then you may feel even more strongly about it, but when I've got timber to shift, you'll find me reaching for my Arbortech.  Visit the company's website to find out more.
  • Also in Australia is the U'Beaut Enterprises company who specialise in the manufacture of polishes for woodworking.  They also feature a lot of material of general woodworking interest including a comprehensive list of Australian and New Zealand clubs and much more.
  • A frequent request I get is from people looking for porch swings.  I can now direct these enquiries to the home of the Rolls Royce of oak porch swings - beautiful work by Roy Mrock.
  • Training and education figure strongly at The American Woodworking Academy with a rolling program of events and courses, as well as an industrial research facility.
  • If you're looking for software to boost your productivity or enjoyment of woodworking, then you should drop by Joe Bifano's site called Woodease, where you'll find lots of interest.
  • If that all goes wrong, you may need to visit System Three and get the materials to stick it all back together again - like Humpty-Dumpty, perhaps?
  • Price Tool Sales operate a toolshop with a website located at www.price-tools.co.uk
  • If you are into power tools and looking for a supplier with a web presence, take a look at  Industrial Tool Supplies (London) Ltd
  • Sam Allen is one of the top woodworking authors.  His site features his books, related tools and the complete Sterling Do-It-Yourself Catalogue.  Also includes a chat room, bulletin board, free plan exchange, a project gallery and a woodworker's dictionary.  Discount coupons can be earned by contributing photos, plans or definitions to the site.
  • A great problem faced by many artists and no less by woodworkers is clear lighting that does not cause colour casts.  If you need balanced lighting, look at www.naturallighting.com
  • If commercial woodcarving production is your business, then a place well worth visiting to take a look at a wide range of available machinery is www.wood-carver.com
  • If you have a pet cat or small dog who also appreciates woodwork, then they'll love you to go to the Feedeezzee site and buy them a wooden feeder from the range on offer.

Other Woodworking Interest Sites

  • Wood Magazine from the US now produce an on-line edition of their magazine.
  • Better Woodworking has been set up to act a a central informational resource for woodworkers.  The content is primarily US-centric (but look under "European Woodworking!) but pretty comprehensive.
  • For those who concentrate on woodturning, the online woodturning magazine, Woodturns, from Eric Tomkins, seems an ideal destination.
  • More and more, the web is becoming the place to publish magazines and many print magazines are making the web a major part of their distribution.  Creative Woodworks & Crafts Magazine Online is one of these with an online edition.
  • If the sound of power woodworking is anathema to you, then you really should check out The Electronic Neanderthal, where you'll find solace with a like mind.
  • If you're the antithesis of the Neanderthal, you may want to visit the WDR site where there's much of interest to the router, spindle moulder and other power-wood-tools user.
  • Fred Holder produces a woodturners newspaper 'More Woodturning' in the US and his site carries information about this as well as a range of woodturning articles.
  • There's a huge links list and a whole lot more besides - even auctions - at the Woodworkers Auction.

Plans Sources

  • U-Bild describes itself as being the provider of "Amercia's Favourite Woodworking Plans".  I am not in a position to judge that but they do offer a wide range of very attractive designs, purchasable on-line, from their well-illustrated site.
  • Another novel US-based source for excellent plans is Unique Projects.  As the name implies, this site "thinks outside the box" with some fascinating projects way outside the furntiure and home-build lines.
  • Operating from one of those sites with a URL which is sufficiently long that you can be sure of spelling it wrong at least once, Bryan Minn offers his Original Furniture Plans for Woodworkers.  The range is not huge but this is quality work and interesting designs.
  • A UK plans source is available at David Bryant's Craft Designs site where you will find a range of interesting plans including a set for a wooden clock!
  • A wide range of support information as well as plans for a great variety of projects is available on the American Furniture Design website. 
  • Whilst not exactly a plans source, I thought that software that makes light work of creating plans might be best listed here.  So, take a look at EasyCab and have D-I-Y plans!
  • The Vintage Games Company specialise in the provision of plans for a variety of board games and similar projects (Crokinole board plans; Folding Lawn Chair plans; mechanical table hockey and baseball game plans.)
  • This site could be classified under several headings, but the American Scrollsawing site has a great plans selection as well as a very comprehensive links page, among its delights.
  • American Woodcraft Patterns has a huge collection of plans available in print and a regular update policy.
  • Woodworking plans & Projects at Furnitureplans.com. Save on woodworking plans, download now-build today! Great original plans, 3D drawings from beds, tables, games and gazebos to outdoor furbiture projects, mission projects, shaker styles & many more. Stop in and see them today!


Newsgroups provide a very useful service in allowing us to air our problems - and get solutions as well as sharing our experiences.  Those most appropriate to woodworking include:

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